After Sales Services

  • Trained mechanics: branches and service dealers
  • Training school: local and overseas training
  • Technical Assistance: 24-hour assistance service for quick response to any breakdowns or repairs.
  • Availability: branches, service dealers
  • Mission Critical After-sales Support: Our experienced team is capable to provide Aftersales & Fleet management under extreme and critical environment, eg IJM, GAMUDA & FOREST CITYetc.
Service Centre- Batu Caves

Service Centre- Batu Caves

Workshop Service 1

  • Periodical vehicle servicing & oil change – engine oil, transmission oil, differential oil, power steering
  • Ad hoc & breakdown repairs
  • Brake system overhaul
  • Hydraulic system – diagnostics, hydraulic fluid filter change, pressure adjustments and calibration
  • Pneumatic system overhaul
  • Auto and manual transmission overhaul
  • Conventional steering and power steering overhaul
  • Propshaft differential and universal joint overhaul
  • Vehicle exhaust system replacement, repairs and modification
  • Gasoline and diesel engine overhaul [all types]
  • Official ZF service dealer

Workshop Service 2

  • Fuel system overhaul, fuel tank cleaning
  • Engine cooling system overhaul and repairs
  • Mechanical modifications and welding services
  • Electrical wiring system repairs, alternator, starter and wiper motor overhaul
  • Airfield equipment repairs, servicing, customization and mechanical works
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Automotive gauges and instrument repair [electrical and mechanical]
  • Vehicle exhaust system replacement, repairs and modification
  • Air condition system overhaul, repair and replacement
  • Replacement of front and rear wheel bearings[front and rear wheel drive vehicles]
  • Mixer drum rescue & repair
Service Centre- Batu Caves

Service Centre- Batu Caves

Accident repair
Accident Repair

Accident Repair

before-after before-after

Parts Centre

We maintain a well-stocked parts centre run by professionally trained staff. Our distribution hub in KL and our Prai/Penang and JB branches provides rapid delivery and accessibility.

Parts Exchange & Repair Program

We operate a parts exchange and repair program for engine, gearbox and axle systems.

ZF Service Dealer

Our company is an official ZF services dealer supplying genuine high-quality spare parts.

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